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Woman breaks world record for largest Christmas bauble collection (Photos)

Woman breaks world record for largest Christmas bauble collection (Photos)

A lady from Wales has damaged the world document for having the biggest assortment of Christmas baubles.


Sylvia Pope, 79, who’s from Swansea, has been nicknamed “Nana Baubles” as a consequence of her assortment, which contains 1,760 baubles in complete.  The assortment is unfold throughout her house, with baubles hanging from varied elements of her house, together with her ceiling.


The baubles come from the world over and are wide-ranging when it comes to color and magnificence.



“Sylvia spends months hanging the shiny spheres every year, starting in September to ensure the house is merry and bright for Christmas and for fun ‘Find Me’ games with her grandkids,” states the World Guinness Book of Records.


“The baubles are an eclectic and classic selection of ornaments from all over the world, lovingly collected on her travels, memorable trips to Harrods and Macy’s in New York and from her local Swansea shops.”



The baubles embody a unusual lobster, a hamburger, Big Ben-shaped baubles, Disney characters, and nostalgic baubles made by Pope’s grandkids and mates.


Her favorite is a Royal Doulton Royal Jubilee celebration bauble.


“I do love the Queen, I think she is wonderful, and that bauble is very special,” stated Pope.


Describing her bauble assortment, she added: “They are an enjoyment. They are so beautiful and bright. It is exciting to see all the different types you can buy.”


Additionally, a person named Adam Wide, from Hastings, has achieved the Guinness World Records title for the Largest assortment of Christmas brooches at 7,929.



Craig Glenday, Editor in Chief at Guinness World Records stated: “We all want a little bit of yuletide cheer proper now, and data like these actually put a smile in your face.


“Adam and Nana Baubles clearly have an infectious ardour for Christmas and have created their very own record-breaking winter wonderlands at house. It’s fantastic to have the ability to share their pleasure of the festive season with the remainder of the world.”

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