Silicone Back Scrubber Soft Loofah Bath Towel Bath Belt Body Exfoliating Massage For Shower Body Cleaning Bathroom Shower Strap

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Silicone Bath Towel Lazy Bath Towel Strip Double-Sided Massage Bath Brush

1. Two-sides – The both sides of this silicone towel can be used, which is very convenient for you to clean your body; the density of the protrusions on the two sides is different, which meets the requirements of different body parts.
2. Soft material – The material of this silicone towel is very soft and skin friendly, it won’t hurt your skin when taking a bath. Dense bumps can help foam quickly.
3. Handle design-This silicone towel has two handles on both ends, which is convenient for you to hold when you take a bath, so you can take a shower without effort.
4.Easy to clean-This silicone towel is very easy to clean. It is of good quality and you can scrub it after use.
5. Thorough Cleaning -This silicone towel can help you thoroughly clean the body parts that is hard to clean by normal towels such as the back, and it also help you exfoliate.

Material: Silica gel
Size: 6*11cm
Color: Pink / Blue / Purple / Green

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1* Silicone Bath Towel

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