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Mum-of-three, 32, has hands and feet amputated after getting Covid

Mum-of-three, 32, has hands and feet amputated after getting Covid

A health care provider has warned concerning the risks of Covid after a affected person had her fingers and ft amputated because of the virus.


Autumn Nugent, a mother-of-three had her fingers and ft “taken by Covid”, Dr Wesley Ely, primarily based in Nashville, US, revealed.


The Dr posted a video on Twitter of Autumn Nugent, which confirmed her being fitted with a prosthetic leg, whereas her fingers and higher legs are wrapped in bandages.


He informed how the mother-of-three grew to become in poor health with coronavirus and the way it induced her blood to clot, resulting in the lack of her limbs.


“Her physical resilience and mental fortitude are my inspiration,” he mentioned.


“She despatched me this video of her strolling with new legs and mentioned to inform you that blood clots of Covid may be prevented with a vaccine.



“Covid-19 is a illness of blood vessels that may have an effect on your lungs, coronary heart, mind, or any organ.


“Blood clotting sucks life from very important organs.


“This patient asked to have her story shared so that others may learn and seek vaccination.”


According to the physician, issues from the virus may cause blood clots, which is assumed to end in wounds that resemble burns.


It shouldn’t be clear the place she had contracted the virus from, however it was “attacking her lungs” and had “invaded” a surgical wound in her arm.


Dr Ely added: “Her life is endlessly modified This is the truth of what can occur to a really younger and completely wholesome individual.


“Life goes on irrespective of how exhausting the curveballs are that we’re thrown. There is hope for tomorrow.


“Her love of her kids and sisters is driving her onwards.”



In a message to anti-vaxxers, the physician mentioned: “Covid sufferers need to get vaccinated and lots of have requested you to rethink.


“Do your half and share her story and its message of hope.


“Make her courage to share worth it!”

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