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“God gave me double for my delay”

“God gave me double for my delay”

A Nigerian girl, Mirriam Osondu and her husband have welcomed a set of twins after 8 years of ready. 


The new mom, family and friends members took to Facebook on Wednesday, September 29, to share the excellent news and photographs of the twins, a boy and a woman. 


“U do not lie. U do not fail. What is hard for you to do. It doesn’t exist oh. It can never ever exist,” Mirriam wrote. 


“Thank God with me for he has done what only him can do, Jehovah over do. God gave me double for my delay. Celebrate with me family and friends.” she added. 


Sharing photographs of mom and twins, Jessy June, wrote: “After 8yrs of waiting, crying, and hoping on God…… God finally proved himself, i call him Impossibility Specialist. Miracle working God. Jehovah over do. Omere Impossibility Possible. Thank u Jesus for indeed wat u cannot do does not Exist”


One Faith Onyekachi wrote: U by no means change. U by no means fail. U are devoted to the top. Faithful God we thank u. The newest mama Eijmma. After 8 years of counting on God. U are a fighter and powerful girl. Congratulations my love.” 



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