Desktop Mobile Phone Bracket For Photo Shoot Live Beauty Fill Lamp Holder mirror glass Folding Alec material soft light

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Made of Alec material, mirror glass, not easy to break.

Folding, freely retractable bracket, easy to store and carry.

Your mobile live makeup table and mirror fill light are integrated to give you a good experience

The control line of position adding clip can be used to store adjustable switch and multi-directional mobile phone position adding clip, as well as lipstick and other cosmetics

Multi function adjustment switch, built-in soft light three colors, ten modes brightness can be adjusted.


Item type: Fill light holder

Product model: G3

Product size: 172 * 172 * 70mm

Working height: 30cm-58cm

Main material: ABS + aluminum alloy + aluminum substrate

Number of expansion joints: 4

Light color: white light, warm light, warm white light

Light mode: 10

Index: 80

Lamp bead assembly: 64 led beads

Color temperature: 3500-6000k

Lamp power: 6-12w

Working voltage: 5V

Working temperature: about 45 degrees

Flash range: 20-200 mm

Exposure control: switch

Packing list:

Fill light holder*1,phone clip*1, Control line*1,Manual*1,box*1


1-2cm error might exist due to manual measurements, please kindly understand. The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.

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Pel 0Hn3 9D7A484F4Bce679Bf20Aaf1E586F9826
Pel 0Hn3 80E11Ab319B16C2C6F23E12Df5D1A34D
Pel 0Hn3 17D90595560A6F844Dce6395A056Ad19
Pel 0Hn3 5C66B1E21E5Dcfd344498655F880Cdd9
Pel 0Hn3 Ec2Fc3A36966007813Fa46Aabdc8Dbfb
Pel 0Hn3 D881C132C14B513885E18Cb548D3C922
Pel 0Hn3 409C49Faeb4439Aca3Dddb5Cdbb5A209
Pel 0Hn3 2Cb1Dc09F1C43Ab7D881E408181E9A15
Pel 0Hn3 F18D83017528F04C323Dbbd2Dc4B5637
Pel 0Hn3 A4Eab0C0E2Cf2C75E2423F86E0C0448C
Pel 0Hn3 38Abfea6Cc5Df84Dfb1B50B5Abfdd35E
Pel 0Hn3 17170D1054F889130C7Ac9B4Dc9C5478
Pel 0Hn3 5Dd7B38D492F1C5126B53D830095A949
Pel 0Hn3 4C8E8D47E14D4C51837E17732Dafe150
Pel 0Hn3 307163B3523B58B9Df92D680A60B6D83
Pel 0Hn3 70Ad951486Fefa2E166Ad05C0Ad4388F
Pel 0Hn3 14F5317492Db68D652631282F271742D
Pel 0Hn3 1Ead1Ebbebffc98C0Cc2Cc0Ed39Ab7B4
Pel 0Hn3 E489C176D8C849Ce8A0Aa09321856928
Pel 0Hn3 5973A59Cc2Dbd6Edcd274Dbd972F3Dc3
Pel 0Hn3 11261B3D7F9368848B8240Dfc2Dc1F31
Pel 0Hn3 Ce2B63E97833F6Ad5B428Fd537C9E6Aa

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Color Temperature

3300-5600 K


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